Jeff Donovan

The most important aspect/feature of my business is the “What ever it takes” attitude.

I’ve worked more than 1,000 weddings since I became a DJ in 1997. During these past 23 years I’ve learned how important it is to:

  • Meet with my clients before the wedding to discuss all the details of their events. No surprises…we talk about how they want their weddings to go, and the type of music they want and don’t want.
  • Bring a backup system and music with me. I have only one chance to get my client’s wedding music right. You can’t be over-prepared for someone’s important day.
  • Dress and act professionally at each event
  • As the master of ceremony for your reception, I discuss the schedule you have given me with all the reception vendors to ensure that everything flows smoothly.
  • I adapt my style and comments to involve all your wedding guests so that everyone has a good time—including me.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing the details of your big day.

We Highly recommend out DJ Jeff Donovan. He was so helpful when we were planning what music to choose for out wedding. He even gave us lots of cd’s (Flash Drives) from his music . Very affordable and flexible with all your music making out wedding ceremony and reception so beautiful. You played all guest to dance at the end of the night. Even our 93 year old grandma! It was such a joy to have you be part of out wedding and entertainment of the night. We will definitely spread the word for you. You are the best DJ ever!

Mimi and Michael