History Of DJ on Demand

I started this company in 1997 as a solely owned and operated part-time business. In more than ten years it has evolved into DJ on Demand, a completely functioning, full-time business. Since its inception, the company has provided outstanding personal service and has served as a resource for all customers, colleagues, and aspiring DJs.

            I spent many years toiling in unfulfilling jobs and never realized my life-long dream, until I started this company. I began by working part-time, until I was able to build the company into what it is today.

            Over the years, I have enjoyed all the memories I have of running events. I have met many wonderful people, shared many laughs, have played great music, and most of all, have made many people very happy.

            The most important aspect/feature of my business is that I am flexible and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. From bussing tables, bartending, pouring champagne, to making announcements and playing cds, I have done it all. The event’s success is the most important thing.

            I have lived in Denver all of my life and raised my two children here. I continue to raise the bar of expectations for DJ’s by using my background in sales and customer service to provide a uniquely personal and streamlined experience for my clients. I believe that I have proven my worth as a truly professional DJ, and I continue to provide the best service I can to all of my clients.

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